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6mm AU and 8mm AU Hollower

 6mm AU Hollower6mm AU Hollower 2


8mm AU Hollower8mm AU Hollower 2




                                                          6MM & 8MM AU HOLLOWER


These are my 6mm & 8mm AU hollowers which is as I say the closest you can get to a carbide bowl gouge.It is used exactly the same way, you can push cut, pull cut and shear cut, all floating the bevel just the same as using a traditional bowl gouge. These tools can totally replace what is known as a bottom feed bowl gouge. All with the added bonus of no sharpening needed. I can't say how many bowls before you would replace the cutter, but when I wear one out, I will let you know. The 6mm is often described as being very aggresive, this is only when the tool is not being used correctly. It can be as delicate or as aggresive as you need it to be for the job you are doing. To see ths tool and all my other AU Hollowers in use and how to use them correctly, visit my YouTube channel by using the link on the home page. 


This chisel has a14 inch handle and 9 inch 12mm round bar.


All this for just £36.00 free UK post

Sorry no shipping outside of the UK. Please do not purchase as your items will not be sent.




6mm and 8mm Hollower











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