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Most of our chisels are in stock and ready to post. At certain times, some chisels have to be made to order. You will always be given a posting date when purchased. This will always be within 3-5 working days. 

To see all my chisels in action and get plenty of tips on how to use them, view our YouTube channel by clicking on the link page at the top of the Menu (left hand side) of page. In our videos I show you how to get the best out of our carbide woodturning tools and use them safely. I also show you how to achieve as good a finish with a carbide tool as anyone can get with a traditional tool.... Plus lots more....and a few laughs along the way.

All our carbide chisels are individually hand made by me.  The handles are turned from carefully selected hardwood Beech. They are turned to my own design and style, sanded, sealed and given a wax finish making them pleasing to the eye.  But more importantly very functional and comfortable in use.  The bar is of bright steel which is ground and shaped to hold a carbide insert.  The carbide inserts are more resistant to wear and hold a sharp edge for longer than HSS steel, giving you more time cutting and less time sharpening. 

Square Carbide Chisel:  Also called a rougher by most wood turners.  This chisel can do much much more than just roughing, as I demonstrate in our YouTube videos. By all means, it can be used to rough down pieces by just presenting it flat and making straight in plunge cuts. Which is fine when wanting to remove stock quickly from the outside of a bowl or spindles. This can also be a great method when hollowing out the main guts of a bowl. When used for spindle turning and on resin, rolling the tool and using the bevel you can achieve a finish to match any Skew chisel. Also demonstrated in our YouTube videos. This is also the perfect tool when hollowing into deep vases and straight sided vessels.

Round Carbide Cutter:  Commonly known as a finishing tool. Equally as good at roughing but mostly used for the shaping and finishing cuts of your project.  Ideally suited for the hollowing of bowls.  A very easy tool to use without the annoying tendency for catches associated with gouges. As I have demostrated in our YouTube videos, when used in a way similar to a Bowl or Spindle Gouge, with the tool rolled and the bevel used, a finish to match any Bowl Gouge can be achieved. 

Detail Carbide Chisel:  Quite often only used for adding lines, grooves and the dove-tailing of tenons and recesses. This also is a tool that can do so much. To say it is fantastic is an understatement. When presented correctly, this chisel can give a shear cut to the outside of any bowl, removing all tool marks or tear-out and a finish that seems a shame to rough with sand paper. Probably one of the best tools for doing finials and most surprisingly fantastic for a bevel controlled push cut down the inside of straight sided bowls and vessels. This tool can go where no other tool can. All of which can be seen and demonstrated in our YouTube videos. 

As with all my chisels you will find there is much more versatility given a little time and practice to get to know your tools.

It has often been thought that a carbide cutter once it becomes dull can only be thrown away. This is not so.  A carbide cutter can be resharpened many times using a diamond file taking it back to a sharp edge.

Replacement cutters are available for all my chisels on the Replacement Carbide Cutters page on the Menu.

For all orders please click the 'Add to Cart' and you can pay by PayPal or other card methods.










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